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Looking for the fastest, stress free charging technology for your Tesla at home? The Level 2 charger - Tesla Wall Connector is your best bet. It's a fully-integrated solution that plugs into a 120V/240V outlet and can charge your car at up to 44 miles per hour. That's nearly 50% faster than your mobile connector, which is referred to as ‘trickle’ charging. You save time and money when you install a fast charger at home, and you no longer have to rush to a charging station every time for topping off.

We have Tesla electricians to ensure that your installation is quick and successful. A reliable EV charger installation service is only a call away for EV owners in Orange County!

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FAQ's - Home Charging Installation

The Tesla wall charger installation cost varies depending on the specific charger and the installation location. EV charger installation in Los Angeles is completed by a Tesla certified electrician and the cost is between $500 and $1,000. Some installations may require a few electrical upgrades, which can add to the overall cost. We are the most trusted EV charging technicians in Los Angeles! Contact us to get started today.
“Electric vehicle supply equipment,” or EVSE must be installed by a licensed electrician who can determine whether or not your home is equipped with EV charging infrastructure. We have only certified electricians in our team to ensure that your EV charger installation goes smoothly and safely. Give us a call for your charging today!
If you drive your EV for less than 40 miles per day or use a plug-in hybrid car, then you can use a Level 1 Charger (120 Volt). This takes approximately 24 hours to charge an EV with a 100 mile range. If your car needs more power and you drive more than 40 miles a day or have a fully electric car then you will need a Level 2 Charger (240 Volt) that takes 4.5 hours for full charge. This is professionally installed in your garage or driveway by an electrical expert. All EV chargers come with safety protocols like overvoltage, overheat and overcurrent protection. Smart EV chargers have wireless monitoring features via WIFI or Bluetooth. Call us today, our certified electricians will help you choose an energy star certified electric vehicle charger for your home.

The Tesla wall charger is a versatile charging outlet that allows fast charging of EV’s, it is waterproof and has been designed to be operational both outdoors and indoors.

The Tesla wall charger has different colored lights that blink to indicate various issues. When the Blue light is blinking, it is indicating that either the car is getting prepared to charge or a charging session has been scheduled.


When the wall charger is blinking red, it means that there is a problem and the touchscreen should show more information about the issue.


When the wall charger is blinking green, the car is being charged and once done it will turn into a solid green color. 


Besides installation, our electricians will also help you understand the Tesla wall charger error codes for troubleshooting if tesla wall charger keeps tripping.


The Tesla charger has different variations and generations and Tesla has released its 3rd gen charger as an upgrade. The 3rd gen charger is lighter and shorter than the 2nd gen one as the maximum power has been reduced to 48 amps, which means less overheating issues. The length of the cable has been shortened to 18 feet from 24 feet which could be an issue for some. The price has been kept the same at $500 so that should be a benefit.


Permitting and inspection requirements differ from city to city. For more information, contact your local municipality. According to the City of Anaheim EV Charger Installation Guideline, permit is required if you are installing a new 120 volt receptacle outlet for the charger. The City requires a permit for all Level 2 charger installations that require 208/240 VAC at 20-100 Amps. Our certified electricians will assist you with all necessary permits and inspections.


Tesla wall chargers have different maximum amp capacity depending on the generation of the charger. The Tesla gen 2 charger could deliver up to 80 amps of power, however, the 3rd gen goes up to a maximum of 48 Amps and has relatively less overheating issues.


The range of miles per charge is dependent on the charger’s maximum power output, your Tesla’s maximum power intake, and your electrical panel’s maximum current capacity.  With Level 2 chargers, you can charge up to 10- 52 miles per hour of range with 3.3 to 17.2 kW of power.


The main difference with nema 14-50 charger and the Tesla wall outlet is the speed of charging and the price. 


Both require 240-volt outlet, nema 14-50 is around 15-20% slower than the Tesla wall charger. It averages around 20-25 miles per hour of charge which is about ten miles per hour slower than the Tesla wall charger.

The Tesla wall charger has a specified installation height that the manual provides. The wall connector should be at a minimum height of 18 inches if installed indoors and 24 inches if installed outdoors. Additionally, the maximum height that it can be installed at is 60 inches. 

Tesla wall charger dimensions – Height: 13.6 in (345 mm) Width: 6.1 in (155 mm) Depth: 4.3 in (110 mm)

Tesla has launched a new wall charging outlet for all types of electric Vehicles available in North America. It comes with a J1772 plug that allows you to charge any electric vehicle.

Most Tesla owners either charge at home or use the Tesla network to charge their cars and plan their journey accordingly.  Many times, however, you might need to charge your car in a non Tesla charging station. Previously this was not possible as the cars are not compatible with public charging stations. This has now changed with the addition of the Tesla CCS connector gen 1.  The CCS combo 1 adapter allows compatible Teslas to connect to public charging stations. This is currently available in the United States for $250


Tesla electricians for wall charger installation

Goldberg Electrical is the leading provider of Tesla charging station installation services. We have installed multiple units across Southern California and are passionate about providing the highest quality service to our customers.

Tesla wall charger installation is easy! Call Goldberg Electrical for on demand Tesla electricians to save time, and begin charging at home today!

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